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  • Thanks to our poets and our sponsors   
    Monday, May 23 2005 @ 08:42 AM
    Contributed by: Admin

    A hearty big and sloppy "thank you" to our sponsors and to the poets who participated.

    I'd just like to thank all of the poets from the bottom of my heart for coming to read. Many of you came at great personal expense just to read poetry for 15 brief minutes. Thank you!

    I'd also like to thank our most generous sponsors for making the festival possible:

    - The Town of Carrboro Recreation & Parks Department
    - Orange County Arts Commision
    - The IT Coop
    - Carolina Wren Press
    - Open Eye Cafe
    - Carr Mill Mall

    Finally, I'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who helped out along the way, in no particular order: Sean Sunkel,the Carrboro Recreation and Parks staff, Jackie Helvey-Hayes, Randall Williams, Chris Vitiello, Todd and Laura Sandvik, Tony Tost, Ken Rumble, Sharmin Miriman, and the Carrboro Art Committee.

    An extra special thanks to Sue Soltis for helping ot organize a pair of projects with the poets, and to Ethan Clauset and others with Internationalist Books who managed all book sales for the festival. Finally, big thanks go to Jon Wilner for helping me write a winning grant, and to Daniel Cothran who volunteered countless hours to help organize getting out the word.

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