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  • New Poem by Carl Martin   
    Tuesday, March 08 2005 @ 11:24 PM
    Contributed by: Admin

    A new poem by Winston-Salem-based poet Carl Martin, entitled "Starveling Shepherdess of Predicates and Truth Functions." Carl will once again read at the 2005 Festival as he did last year.

    Starveling Shepherdess of Predicates and Truth Functions

    And in this system of word-meanings
    it's mostly conveyance that troubles the synapse.

    Not the cookie cutter school
    though the picaresque functions
    inimitably buried
    in illusion's tight opalescence
    and pretense of rational discourse.

    Now a vision in the fractured beard:
    by the bench the slippered young queen
    urges illogic to batten its sails!
    Her pupils thumb their slates & eyelids.

    O these Anglo logics and fairytales.

    Though skunk eye pursue his thesis
    Sweet Fern rules the priory of truths
    in the afterlife of her oft golden seed,
    in the Immutable Order of Sleeping Car Conductors.

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